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Our Hand Dyed Fabrics

Our fabrics are dyed on a quality 100% cotton fabric that is PFD (prepared for dyeing). This is a process our fabric goes through at the mill that causes a better bond between the dye molecules and the cotton fibers during the dyeing process. This helps to ensure their color-fastness and helps us to achieve the dark, rich colors that we all love. We use Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes and the majority of our colors are our own special custom creations.

Our fabrics are washed with a minimum of 2 hot soapy washes. Some of our pink, purple, turquoise or aqua pieces are washed an average of 3 to 4 times. The darker colors are very saturated with dye. We do not recommend a prewash for our kits. If you choose to wash yardage or fat quarters we recommend a wash in hot water with Synthrapol soap (available at most quilt shops) to help remove any dye molecules that may be remaining in the cotton fibers. When washing a finished project, we recommend warm water with Synthrapol soap.

We often have customers ask about pre-washing.  Because our fabrics are all done by hand and there is always the possibility of human error or equipment malfunction.  If you are working with dark colors that will be appliqued on light backgrounds, it never hurts to pre-wash.

When you do wash your finished project make sure to dry it and not leave it wet.