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Hope Double Size Kit

This Double size quilt finishes 90" x 90".  If you look at the sample of the King Size Hope quilt, you will see this is the center portion of that quilt with the first stair step border.  

This is a large kit that comes with some extra fabric.  It has 15 1/2" cuts, half width, of our Bumblebee Lane and Autumn Splendor 20 Packs along with 6 yards of Light Border/Background and 2 yards of Burgundy (Harvest Festival #2) Border/Background. (The binding in included in the Burgundy).  You will use most of the Border/Background pieces but you will have leftovers from the 40 colors.  You will use almost all of some colors but have larger pieces of other colors.  The total yardage in this kit is a little over 16 Yards.   

The Hope pattern comes free with this kit, so the price you see is the cost of the fabric alone.  To help offset the more expensive cost we are including a free copy of our revised Rags to Riches Pattern that shows some great ways to use up the Light and Dark leftover from your 40 colors.  We have updated this fun pattern to include some of our favorite applique.  You should be able to create a nice little throw and use up all those scraps or just add them to your stash for later.

This quilt has many techniques, it is not advised as a beginner quilt.  The medallion center and corner blocks are paper pieced.  There is strip piecing along with some other fun techniques.

(Please note the image shown is a computer generated sample of this quilt.  See the King size for the actual quilt sample).