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Trash to Treasures

If you have ever visited our booth at one of the many quilt shows we have attended over the last 20 years, you might have seen some of these fun Trash to Treasures items.  We have always offered individual treats, fat quarters and 1 yard cuts. Since we will not be doing shows for a while, we thought it would be good to find a creative way to offer some of those same discounts. Listed below are the packaging ideas we have come up with. These products are all priced at roughly a 25% discount from our regular prices.

Dye It Treats ~ These little treats measure approximately 9" x 10" and they are folded into cute little triangles. Great for those applique project when you just need those little bits of a good variety of colors. We are offering these in 3 color groups, Bright, Country and Pastel.  Each bag will have 20 treats.

Fat Quarters ~ We are packaging these into groups of 6, in color coordinated packs.  The colors will coordinate with the regular 30 packs we offer, check out those colors under Yardage or 30 Fat Quarter Bundles to get an idea of how the colors will be grouped. 

When ordering, you can always add a note to let us know if there are colors you prefer and also if there are colors you do not want in your pack.
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Dye It Treats


Trash to Treasures Fat Quarter Pack